Monday, July 7, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Whether or not you like mass-produced light lagers, you should at least concede that the companies who produce them are very good at what they do. If given the task of making a nearly flavorless beer that's free of defects and always tastes the same, I'd wager that most craft breweries would fail. One reason why is because the major brewing companies have access to hundreds of years of of proprietary scientific research. When craft brewing started gaining momentum some 30 years ago, many of its participants literally didn't know how to make beer. Reinventing the wheel was a collaboration between microbreweries and home brewers who, through their willingness to share information, were able to greatly narrow the knowledge gap between themselves and the large breweries in a relatively short timespan. What would it have been like if every new brewer had to start naked in the woods? A lot of the beer we currently love would probably be lousy! The quality of American craft beer has come a long way since the start of its revival, but there's still a ton of room for improvement. I'm hoping to play my part by making it easier to share information than it currently is. As a start, I set up a little download area for files that I've made. It has two pages so far: one for brewing education and one for brewery calculations. Enjoy!

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