Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Da Beers

I mentioned in my last post that I made all of my beer recipes for a year. We're probably going to start with eight taps, which will prevent individual batches from being served for too long. We'll likely have four year-round, two seasonal and two rotating beers on tap at any given time. Behold, the preliminary beer list!

House Ale - the signature session beer of RePublic!
Belgian Blond
Pale Ale - we'll name it Heartattack and Bine if Tom Waits doesn't sue us.
Chocolate Porter

Ordinary Bitter
Summer Pils

Scottish Heavy - the name is misleading; it's a session beer.
Belgian Pumpkin - a Squashed Stereotype, if you will.

Grapefruit Lager - a light lager spiced with grapefruit zest.
Wildflower Belgian Pale - a restrained Belgian ale brewed with wildflower honey.
Cardamom Coffee Stout - thanks, Kevin, for the Arabic coffee idea.
Maple Biere de Garde - a farmhouse ale with unrefined Maple syrup.
Old Ale - a blend of fresh beer and stock ale that's been inoculated with Brettanomyces and aged in wine barrels.
Grand Cru, aka the Raspberry Belgianwine.
Imperial Black Lager - aged for a year before serving. Will I get dork points for naming it Gestahl's?

I'd love to brew a doppelbock, but mostly because I want to name it Lowest Common Denominator. I can't really see a doppelbock working as a pub beer, but don't rule it out.


Jeff said...

If it were something along the lines of like Augustiner's Dopplebock, the Maximator, it might work. Theirs has a lighter mouthfeel than most while still clocking in at 7+ ABV.

Matt Lange said...

I like the look of the list. What is the "house ale" like? A mild? A cream ale? Defies categorization?
I also like having some kind of Belgian session beer in the regular line up. I'm a huge believer in the Belgian yeast flavor in session type beers, whether it be Saison, Belgian Blond, what have you.
I'd also really like to try that Cardamom Coffee Stout. Did you ever try our espresso stout (wine and hop stout contest best of show)?

Joe said...

Hey Matt, the house ale will essentially be a session-strength amber ale. It'll be somewhere between a mild and a bitter in terms of maltiness and hopiness, and I'll probably allow the beer to evolve with changing conditions in the pub and brewery (Charley's idea). I have not tried your espresso stout! Do you have any left?