Monday, August 31, 2009


I'll be on Beer Talk Today tomorrow. The station is 91.7 FM, aka WSUM, and the show starts at 9pm. I'm looking forward to finding out if my voice still sounds like Mickey Mouse.


John said...

sweet! airtime.

My narrow mind can't fathom the possibility of being on the radio for anything other than music. But I also think you're entertaining without a guitar. I'll tune it!


Grinder said...

Hey - did not know you were blogging. Welcome. I was at the Home brew meeting you guys came to a month ago. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys!

Rod M

Kevin said...


I know of a great location Sun Prairie that will become available soon. It is a fairly new restaurant with the ability to get extra space for your brewing needs. It is alread built out with bar, kitchen and all accessories. You'd need to repaing to your tastes, but is only a small percentage of what you would have to spend on your own. The bank said it would give any prospective owner financing. We also have all the necessary Liquor licenses to go with it. Contact me at for further. You could be up and running in a very short period of time. - Kevin