Thursday, February 7, 2008

Coming Someday

Welcome to The Re-Public! We're a brewpub-in-planning that hopes to grace Madison, WI with our presence in the next two years.

Our goal is to be a small, neighborhood pub that happens to brew its own beer. Our food will be simple enough that we won't be mistaken for a restaurant. Expect us to buck the trend toward large, upscale brewpubs in favor of a quaint, informal gathering place for friends, family and neighbors. Organic and local ingredients will be used as much as possible, but we don't want to over-hype it. We haven't found a location yet - if something good becomes available in your area, we'll discuss it with you before committing to it - but we'd love to be within walking distance of people's homes, much like the locals of London. Hence dubbing this website The Re-Public: we hope to bring back the public house in all of its anti-glory.

The business is a partnership between two friends. Joe, a former aerospace engineer from the 'burbs of Detroit, traded a decent salary for brewing jobs at J.T. Whitney's and Otter Creek/Wolaver's. Jane Doe, a native townie whose true identity is concealed to protect her from her employer, is hoping to reverse her backwards progression of job titles: Bartender With Lots Of Experience -> Cog, Large Software Development Company.

We're still trying to decide on a name for the bar. Got any ideas?


segs_way said...

I am here to break a bottle of champagne on the helm of your ship for this voyage. Good luck to you both! Especially you Jane Doe, you absolutely have always been someone I envisioned to march your whole life to your own beat. And what better way then to say the hell with all the other clubs, pubs, bars, and waterholes for your own in a city that revolves around intoxication!!

NAME IDEA: It's a theme thing. Call it the Dog Haus, serve beer in large dog bowls, and have a dog lovers social night. And then name your beers after different existing dogs with their actual pics as the branding! It would be so homey.

Thanks for the invite!

fajpunk said...

How about The Republic?

Megan Coleman said...

I agree, I kinda like The Re-Public.

celticwench said...

Looking forward to some time spent at a local public house!
How about "Cock Sure", use an old rooster as your signage.

The Rusty Red Rob"i"n, you could use our state bird for the visual logo.

Oh, I got a lot of ideas, havin been to Isle of Green, and spent some time in the public houses along the way.

Will have fun watchin it all unfurl!

Josh said...

The neighborhood that you land in might have an effect on the name you choose--I know that Madison has trying to emphasize the names of their neighborhoods, and you might be able to pull something from that to make it connect more with the area.

James said...

I like The Re-Public also. But what about a "k" on the end, as in The Re-Publik?