Saturday, February 23, 2008

Remembering the Hyphen

You will be missed.

We got a much better response to RePublic than I expected! Several folks suggested that we use it as the pub's name, and we're gonna roll with it unless we come up with something better. No alternative spelling except for the capital P - we're not opposed to the idea altogether, but it would need to have a specific meaning so we're not perceived as out-of-touch old folks trying to sound hip. Limp Bizkit!

Themed bars are tricky because they tend to engage specific people and discourage everyone else. Using the dog idea as an example, we'd need to do a lot of research to determine if the area has enough people who are both dog lovers and craft beer drinkers (mmm... Venn diagrams). Dogs are inspiring, but a lot of other beers and breweries are named after them. Unless we think of something that blows us away, we're going to avoid themes.

Up next: tasting notes from our first test batch!


John W said...

Hey kids, that is an excellent name. I am so excited for the day when I can shotgun a RePublic can and then smash it on my forehead. Actually, I would make a special trip to Madison just to do this. Let's get it done.

bert said...

Sounds great! Best of luck on finding a site. Until then, how about selling your tasty brews out of the side of a van? Maybe play some sweet tunes to lure out the kids...

I wail, you wail, we all wail for J&J's ale!

Shane said...

Hey Joe,

Glad to see you stake your claim and start to build the hype. RePublic is an excellent name for the endeavor.

You better keep this updated promptly, a large VT contingent is ready to descend on Madison come opening day!


RJW just sent me the link to your site!

you can bet that more trips to madison will be in our near future. if you need any taste-testers, errca and aren't too far away!!!