Monday, June 30, 2008

Barn Party

We hung a stack of business cards next to our tap at Furthermore's barn party, and a lot of them were gone by the time we left. For those of you who found this website because you resisted the urge to put the cards in your bicycle spokes: great party, huh? We met a lot of cool people, drank some delicious beer and listened to a couple of incredible bands. The party was our beer's first public appearance, and we couldn't have asked for a better debut. Feedback on the mint porter:

-Smooth, free of defects and easy to drink.
-Needs more mint, but too little was better than too much.
-One person commented that the beer was too cold. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
-Mixed feelings on the body and general intensity. A few people wanted less and a couple of people wanted more.

If you were at the party and have more to say about it, don't be shy! Constructive criticism will result in better beer. Anyway, tweaking this recipe is going to be fun. My first step will be to buy some commercial porter and taste it with various amounts of Creme de Menthe. In addition to allowing me to compare intensities, it'll give me some insight into what might happen if I change the way I add the mint to the beer.

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Tracy Hurst, Craft Beer's Obsequious Minion said...

I thought your beer was great, Joe! Thanks for bringing it along. Putting your own home-grown mint into it is so very DIY. Very sexy.

craft beer's obsequious minion