Friday, June 20, 2008

Quick Update

The crickets are taking over around here. Sorry about that! Here's what's been up the last couple of weeks:

Beer! The sour red, summer lager and mint porter are all cellaring in my basement. In case I haven't mentioned them yet, the summer lager was brewed with some grapefruit zest and the mint porter was brewed with some Corsican mint. Corsican mint is what's used to flavor Creme de Menthe, and Creme de Menthe is used to make mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's really easy to overuse mint as a brewing ingredient, so I'm glad to report that its contribution to the beer is subtle. I'd like to bump it up to a more dessert-like level, but I'll need to use a different method than the harshness-inducing late kettle addition. Like adding the liqueur straight. Yeah. If you want to try the prototype beer, come out to Furthermore's Sh*##y Barn Party on June 28th (wait for the flyer to pop up on the website). We tasted the beer in float form with some vanilla custard, but it was pretty gross. The beer's bitterness, which isn't very high on its own, absolutely had its way with the custard. It wasn't pretty, or even funny. I haven't given up on the idea, but it'll require a dedicated recipe with almost no hops.

I finally broke down and contacted the National Restaurant Association for their Restaurant Industry Operations Report, which outlines a standardized restaurant accounting system and allows me to compare my projections with median data from restaurants around the country. So far, I've done pretty well with the financial projections!

Blogger is about to shut down, so I have to end this but quick. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Lake Louie Milk Stout and custard. Mmmmmm....