Thursday, March 12, 2009

Staying Focused

When Jane and I started this weblog, our goal was to document the startup process so interested parties could follow our progress and future business owners could learn from our experiences. Lately, I've been ranting about politics and drawing poop jokes. The temptation to mention the aftermath of a British beer tax increase (bottom third of the article) and Large-Scale Sustainable Agriculture is so great that I can't resist.

With that out of the way, I'm all about reform. Here are some FAQs written in the tradition of websites where questions aren't actually asked:

"Do you have a location yet?" Nope, but we're constantly looking. We've found a few sites that would be suitable, but we still have a couple of months to find a place that's truly wonderful. Know of any? We need about 3,000 square feet and 11' high ceilings. A place that nearby residents could walk to would be awesome. So would a place that's already plumbed and wired for a bar or restaurant.

"How's raising money going?" Pretty poorly, to be honest. Jane and I aren't rich, we don't know many people with the means to invest, and securities laws prevent us from soliciting investments from people we don't know. Madison bankers: every single one of you is going to know my name by the end of next month.

"What are you brewing?" We have House Ale, Belgian Pumpkin Ale and Chocolate Porter in bottles. A Pale Ale is in the fermenter and I'll be brewing a Belgian Blond next. I hope to repeat and perfect the four regulars (the beers listed above minus the Pumpkin), but I won't be able to stop myself from mixing it up with some special brews. The brewery that I recently helped with their financial projections just sent me about two and a half pounds of Cascade and Columbus hops, so we're in for a bitter and citrusy summer.

"Are you hiring?" I wish. Check back in November.

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PJ said...

Hey man, thanks for checking out our blog. Hopefully we can share information and help each other make amazingly delicious beer.