Sunday, August 24, 2008

Death of a Beer Fridge

My second (as in consecutive) beer fridge died last night. The light still works, but none of the moving parts turn on. I unplugged the fridge for a few hours to see if the compressor just overheated, but its status remains unchanged. I'm starting to feel like someone who keeps replacing dead pet fish instead of learning how to care for them properly. Putting fridges outside and calling the salvage company is going to become a mundane routine instead of something I'm slightly uncomfortable doing. The people who come to haul the fridges away, who I'll eventually know on a first-name basis, won't drink coffee in the morning because they'll know that I'll have some waiting.

Jane and I made a preliminary menu and outlined some of the wine types we'd like to serve last week. We decided that "full bar" is a sufficient business plan description for the spirits. It sounds like available wines change all the time, so saying "our five wines will be blah blah blah" would be silly. We also signed the operating agreement, so RePublic is more official than ever. Amidst the business plan revision, we need to open a bank account. I'm going to go ahead and make that a goal for next week, even though Jane is skipping town on Thursday for a couple of weeks.

We didn't get much farther on researching a bakery, although Tristan told us that baking is heavily influenced by the weather and Wisconsin doesn't have a very good climate for it. At least the playing field is even for local bakers.

Here's the official to-do list for next week:
-Open a bank account.
-Decide yes or no on a bakery.
-Strengthen the descriptions of kitchen and bar operations in the business plan.

That's all folks! If you're trying to get rid of a fridge with at least a 24"x24"x30" (WxDxH) cube of space - or know how to repair refrigerators and will do it for less than the cost of a cheap used fridge - let me know.

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