Tuesday, August 19, 2008

File Sharing Season Finale

I snuck some files onto Napster RePublic when you weren't looking, including a big one: our financial projections. Note that the file doesn't say "give us money" anywhere, so all you securities lawyers can still be our friends.


Scott said...

$3.38/pint, eh? I'm comin' over for some beers. :)

Joe said...

The $3.38 average doesn't include sales tax. Still, if I can keep the prices below $8/pint, I look forward to John Wyatt screaming "THE BEER IS FREE HERE!!"

RebelsXC said...

Hey Joe,

I just stumbled across your blog earlier today and I have been reading up on your project. It gives me encouragement to see how far it is coming, seeing as how this is an endeavor that myself and two friends started just about a month ago over here in Vermont.

Thank you for posting those documents, especially the start-up spreadsheet. Would you mind if we used some of them as templates for our own project?

We have started a blog (just today in fact), but it is currently open to only us trying to get this thing up and running because we really don't have much posted yet.

Would you mind if we send some questions your way as we begin our process?


Admin said...

Hey rebelsxc!

Absolutely you can use our start up info as a template. One of the main reasons for us to keep this blog is to help out other start-ups in the future. While we do keep some things under wraps, I we've tried to share as much information about our process and experience as possible. Feel free to send us any questions that you have!


Joe said...

What she said! My email address is in my profile.