Thursday, February 5, 2009


I thought the Cardamom Coffee Stout would be a polarizing beer, but the "public" response has been overwhelmingly positive. The only real debate has been on the intensity of the coffee. I initially thought it was too much, but my mind is changing. Being a dry session beer that goes down very easily, it might be uninteresting without its assertive espresso sharpness. However I decide to brew the beer, I'm thinking about making it the pub's regular dark beer instead of a Chocolate Porter. I'm going to give the Porter a fair trial by brewing it next week, though.

In other pilot batch news, the Belgian Pumpkin Ale I bottled in the waning hours of 2008 has matured into a very nice beer. At bottling time, it tasted like a banana shat in my fermenter. Two weeks later, the dominant flavor was solvent. I was ready to ban Wyeast 3522 from my brewery, but cellaring the beer in my chilly basement for a couple more weeks erased the unpleasantness. I'm glad I gave the batch some time to itself.

Our final story is that I bottled my second batch of House Ale today. The Wisconsin Cascades provided a lot more citrus character than I expected, which is a good thing. The beer is looking, smelling and tasting like a winner.


Chris said...

Cardamom Coffee Stout sounds very interesting. Two of my favorite flavors combined with beer...what's not to love.

Matt Lange said...

Don't ban 3522, that's my favorite Belgian strain! Glad it ended up working out for you.