Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet and Meat

My friend Lizz, who was in town from New York City last weekend, briefly mentioned using LinkedIn as a tool in her animal rescue efforts. Until then, I thought LinkedIn was one of those automatic websites that tried to create profiles of businesspeople by compiling search engine information. Despite my hatred of social networking websites, I accepted a coincidental invite from my lawyer yesterday. Today, I imported the address book from my email server and sent a mass invite to the 50 or so people who already use the service. Within two minutes of hitting the 'send' button, I had eight confirmed contacts. After ten minutes, I was in the upper teens. It was a grisly spectacle. I think I found the virtual water cooler.

To bring closure to the excise tax storyline, I leave you with a letter from PETA to an Oregon legislator. Even though I'm a flaming carnivore, I'll give PETA credit for being deliberately hilarious on this occasion. Common ground is everywhere.

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